Buy tickets to Nick on Broadway Talks HERE! Nick told New York Daily News. His dressing room is free Giants things: ‘It is good to support the team in the moment, but this is a more work-focused environment. I have to be 100% committed to this role if I want to really connect with the audience. I definitely feel a lot of pressure. But it is a good pressure. It pushes me to give the best performance that I can, knowing that so many amazing men have played this role. It forces me to make strong choices as an actor and say, ‘Okay, this is the kind of Finch that I am.’ ..It is more the talking in the show that is straining for me. The singing resonates in a place in my diaphragm and that saves my throat.’

He drinks coffee to warm up: ‘This is just a warmup coffee for me. I don’t drink any energy drinks, but I drink a lot of coffee. I’ll probably have a triple or quad espresso after this so I have enough energy for the next show. I’m quite an athletic person who goes to the gym three or four times a week, but this is a real workout. The lower half of my body is ready to fall off at the end of the day, especially my calves and ankles. There is no better gift than being able to do what I love in front of my fans. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.’



  • Anonymous

    LOL at the video!!!

  • anonmus

    Nothing against Liam Hemsworth cause I just read his article. He’s very likable. But it seems like everything just kind of falls on his lap. And when he plays golf with the reporter, First he doesn’t take the game seriously, then he doesn’t finish cause it’s not going well, then he fibs. I guess he’s just kidding around, though he does sound super competitive. But here is Nick, who takes EVERYTHING seriously. Prepares himself well for everything he does, and especially on Broadway, gives his all in every performance. He even makes sure to meet with the fans afterwards. Yet some fans continue to get angry with him or say he doesn’t care about them. You need to read this Daily News story and you’ll see how much he does care. And how hard he works to be where he is.

  • Miley_Jonas

    Lol at video.

  • Anonymous

    i can see him saying,”well that was awkward” after he filmed

  • classicalmusicplayer

    It’s so nice to see him so passionate about something.

  • zoranne

    kinda fed up with nick and his brothers. their just everywhere, not fun!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, at least he did something for fans for V-day.