One Direction Exclusive Valentine’s M&G


Photos: FameFlynet. OMG!! Teen Vogue interview HERE!

Louis on when they all first met: Yea, I was quite quiet at boot camp. But as far as first impressions for me, I thought Zayn was more quiet. The more I get to know Zayn, he’s definitely not quiet. Harry was still quite charming, pretty boy. Niall was loud, really loud. Honestly, I would have gone away thinking Niall was the king of boot camp. He was the leader of boot camp. How are British and American One Direction fans different?

Liam: The American girls are very confident. Louis: And the English girls wear more coats. Describe your sound? Liam: We’ve always described our sound as a bit more guitar driven than normal pop music. Kind of Pink in a boy band form. We’ve heard a few people say that so now we use it. I think Pink is amazing person to be compared to. Harry: We like pop music but instead of using synths, we like using our hands. Guitars. Drums..

‘What Makes You Beautiful’ comes out Valentines Day in the US. What are you planning on doing Valentine’s Day? Liam: We’re actually meant to be in France. There’s a trip lined up to Paris. The City of Love! Louis: If we haven’t got any dates, well all just have to go out to dinner together. Otherwise we’re gonna be pretty depressing to be honest. Zayn: All five of us are going to sit in the Eiffel Tower restaurant together. Niall: Finish each other’s spaghetti and stuff like that. What’s your scariest moment with a fan? What’s the weirdest, craziest fan?

Liam: We were in Heathrow once, and there were about 500 girls at the airport. We went out the side door to try to get to our car but we couldn’t get to it. Zayn’s hoodie got ripped off. I got a good whack in the face. Zayn: There was a security booth outside and it was all glass. People were licking the windows. It felt like we were in a zombie movie. Louis: This box was really small.

We were really crammed in. There was staff asking for photos. Zayn: That was one of the craziest. Someone once asked Liam if he’d lick their face. Liam: No someone asked to lick my face. Louis: If I was a fan and I actually had the wish to lick Liam’s face, I wouldn’t ask. Cause you know what the answer’s gonna be. I would have just gone for it. Zayn: You’re encouraging people to lick our faces?

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    They all look beautiful! ?

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    Harry just lights up my world like nobody else. It must be the way that he flips his hair that gets me so overwhelmed.

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    I’m in love with Liam *.*

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    I’m in love with Liam *.*

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