The Pretty Reckless YOU Music Video

+ FHM outtakes via Taylor-Daily.

  • kary_redfern

    unlike some other girl who is all over the place for dating some one who is way more popular than her, Taylor Momsen actually has talent, she can sing, act and write, and she does not need a man to be relevant.
    I really like the song, and her voice.

  • Me-Me

    Wow, for once she’s dreassed ! haha
    lol i love her, she’s beautiful, and the video is really good! like i said, at least she wears clothes this time :)

  • Mimz

    I love love love this song.
    The Pretty Reckless’ music is actually really good. I wish Rock music would make a comeback, big fan!

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous with her makeup toned down.
    The song and video are sooo good.
    I hope she does more ballads on her next album!

  • Its.Miley


  • Anonymous

    Does she ever wear pants?