• l?veislouder

    I’m a little caught in the middle, but leaning a bit more towards liking it. and I think the stockings give the outfit some kind of stability, so I’m glad she went with them. I probably wouldn’t have thought to do that. good for her.

  • Anonymous

    UGH. she always wears the STUPIDEST cheapest looking clothes! YUCK. You know NOTHING about fashion Debby.Hire yourself a stylist NOW.

  • Anonymous

    The drew is cool, unique and elegant. The green pop of the shoes highlight the green in the iridescent sheen of the dress. I didn’t now she could dance like a boss until the video and I actually liked her cover of We’ve Got the Beat. She doesn’t brag about stuff so you don’t think she can do it. Heres to a long career for you Debby Ryan!

  • Anonymous

    didnt they make her sing a song for this movie? her voice is horrible.stop trying to make your actors sing disney,not everyone who can act is automatically a good singer.

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for her. She’s never going to be a big star. lol

  • JoannaALRO

    She should have skipped the pantyhose.

  • sexonfire11

    she looks so pretty think she’s really a good actress bad singer
    she needs to get out of Disney to show her real talent