Rob Pattinson ‘I’m Too Old To Play Edward’


Robert Pattinson said he may be too old to reprise his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies if Stephenie Meyer writes another novel: ‘I’d be curious what Stephenie would write, but I just think I’d probably be too old. I’m already too old. But yeah, it’d be kind of interesting.’

  • xAskTaylorx

    She couldn’t possibly write another book. Would not make sense… Unless it would be about Renesmee and her adventures. So your ok Rob..

  • Sparks


  • Anonymous

    I would love it if Stephanie wrote another novel. At least one. To let the fans know how everything turned out. It seems the story just isn’t finished. Write a book that’s like a century after the last book.

  • barbiescunt

    Stephanie can not write another book because she has already sucked her storyline dry. Her “novels” shouldn’t have been more than 2 books. And when Robert says he’s too old, he really means “I’m over this sparkling vampire bullshit.” He clearly doesn’t want to do another film, nor does Kristen. So unless they intend to recast (impossible), there won’t be another movie after part 2 of BD.