Emily Osment KISS ME ROLE


Emily Osment joined Jenna Fischer, Rita Wilson, Sarah Bolger, John Corbett & Steven Weber and Davenia McFadden in the cast of indie coming-of-age drama directed by Survivor’s Jeff Probst. The story tracks a teen named Zoe, forced to wear a back brace to deal with her scoliosis as she navigates relationships with her mother, her best friend and a married man (Corbett) whose kids she..

babysits. Fischer plays Corbett’s wife whose kindly attitude toward Zoe changes when she discovers a relationship between the girl and her husband. Wilson is Zoe’s mom, who parents with tough love, ultimately pushing the girl to seek affection elsewhere. Weber is the girl’s father. Osment is Zoe’s friend, living with the secret pain of an abusive and alcoholic father. McFadden is a nurse.

  • BrokenArrow


  • JelenaRocks

    I Like HEr Eyes

  • kary_redfern

    I could see Emily Osment as a serious actress, and not just a girl who dates famous people to further her career.

  • barbiescunt

    That storyline is too much and incredibly uncreative/unoriginal. Hopefully, they’ll make it work. I don’t see it happening, but whatever.