Harry Styles @ Stella McCartney Show


  • JustinBieberWarrior

    i like harry the best out of the 1d guys

  • IbeKpoppin4realz

    Harry is my bias. And after that comes Zayn. Yeah, their music is cheesy but they are pop boy band, what do you expect. I think their fans realize that as well ,but they do not care.
    Thing is they actually have very nice, functioning voices. Not squeaky high like a prepubescent mouse or too forced like a tone deaf raspy smoker. Just nice and smooth. Harry is the bass. I fall for the bass and baritones in groups and deep voiced rappers.

  • You Were Thinking It

    He really does like older women ;)

  • Rah Rah

    I love you Harry.

  • BitchPleaseI’mAnAnon

    Instead of being here for Harry I’m here for Stella McCartney

  • kardashian

    I don’t find him attractive , and one directions music is so cheesy.
    Don’t understand the hype.

  • Dodah_J

    ^ totally agree about the music..

    Harry’s the only member of 1D that i actually find attractive ..

  • Mimz


  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Harry’s been creeping on Tumblr…his latest icon is a Tumblr edit of that pic lmaoo

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    He looks deranged in that picture.

  • BrokenArrow

    His curls are still there.

  • Oh SNAP

    He has been hanging out with Grimmy a lot lately… hmm….