Justin Bieber LIVE MY LIFE New Song

  • IbeKpoppin4realz

    I like Far East Movement but Justin not so much… I don’t like his voice here much.

  • kardashian

    Stupid song in my opinion , but I like the photos in the video lol

  • Anonymous

    Its actually Far East Movement ft,. Justin Bieber.. Justin only sings the chorus part.. And its not on his album, its on Far East Movements album.. And everyone besides you three idiots seem to think its going to be the hit of the summer.. Just wait and see, i guess!!

  • Anonymous

    He is such an awful artist, his career is basically based on his appearance, which I don’t think will last too long.. Yes he has talent, but to limits, he can only sing thats it. His music is awful, unoriginal, un unique, and basically rips MJ off.. Not to mentions his attitude is awful. Can’t wait till hhe grows up and begins to look like a possum.. omg.

  • lov2shop123

    Worst song by Bieber yet!!