Ariana Grande Pink Champagne The Roxy

Last Dance, Honeymoon Avenue & Only Girl In The World under!

FULL album HERE! Daniella Monet pictured with her boyfriend!

In attendance: Drake Bell, Liz Gillies, Leon Thomas, Matt Benett & Max Landis.

  • taylorsromeo

    I met her today~

  • ashlee

    yep, agreed. i liked the way she portrayed her character in the first season tho, and now all she basicly does is laugh stupidly… its like her personality is… diminishing, well prob not that but she used to be.. fresher? dunno

    aris tweets, well yeah theyre super-mainstream, lotsa i love yous, omgs, hearts, kisses, pics of her feet (well ok shoes) and eyelashes and duck faces, but lots of people like that kinda stuff and its not so bad on her than others… because she actlly is cute, but meh im not a big fan of it..

    i sort of prefer ari’s covers atm, especially only girl, well her version, but she just sings so well i’d get the cd for the kickin vocals, she deff has a lot lot lot of talent in that direction..

  • SmilerEtLovatic

    ok the girl can sing and is cute, but i hate her tweets so much and she cant act. she’s not funny. she should drop victorious and stick to music

  • BrokenArrow

    omg i want her voice.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, her character is so pointless and annoying now. She was way cuter in the first season. I really loved her character, but I hate what she has turned into.


    Omg she has a beautiful voice!:O

  • Anonymous