The Pretty Reckless New EP March 2012


Taylor Momsen Icon Vs. Icon interview. Writing process? I am definitely writing as it comes but I am always trying to write something. You know, you write a lot of bad songs before your write a good one. I just have to do it and not stop. We have been doing it! We have an EP coming out with new material in March 2012.

It has some live songs and some new songs on there to give people a taste of where the next record is going. We start recording the second record when we get back from touring with Marilyn Manson. So, it has been kinda non-stop here for a while! Style of new music? Umm.. ROCK! [laughs] It is definitely rock!

I don’t like to talk about the new music too much because I want it to speak for itself and have people discover it for themselves. I feel that if I talk about it too much, it ruins the impact but it is new and it is definitely moving in a direction although I am not exactly sure what that is. but it’s fuckin’ rock though!

I can definitely tell ya that! Best career advice? I don’t know. I am not usually one to ask for advice. I like to make my own mistakes. There have really been so many things but I think mostly it is to be out there doing it. By being out there and touring with these other bands, you are constantly learning new things.

I think the biggest thing is to do it slowly and grow naturally. Don’t try to force something. Is it difficult to have the spotlight shined so brightly on you? I don’t know, it’s all part of it, man. I am kinda used to it, so I don’t tend to think about it like that. I like what I do & I think about everything that surrounds it as just some thing that I have to roll with. I am busy makin’ this shit! [laughs]

So, I am not listening to anything else, ya know what I’m sayin! [laughs] Are there are any misconceptions you can dispel? I am sure there are a billion of them but I don’t know what they are or how to address them. [laughs] What people think is never actually the truth. You never truly know a person from the Internet. Headlines don’t tell the truth. They don’t give you the whole story, so I am sure there are a lot of misconceptions about me.

  • TaylorMomsenFan

    The EP comes out March 6th!!!!
    It’s called “Hit Me Like a Man”. :)

  • barbiescunt

    Can’t wait. What a flawless bitch.

  • oceanUP

    barbiescunt said:
    Can’t wait. What a flawless bitch.

    IA :)

  • TaylorMonsenFan

    Finally :) So excited!

  • Anonymous

    Taylor speaks the truth. The same goes for people in our world.

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    Yes!!! New TPR music!! Can’t wait!

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    I wish she would have given us an exact date! so excited