• Anonymous

    That’s Harry! Duh!! why do people always get him confused! in one of those teen magazines they had a picture of Liam and said it was Harry…come on now.

  • Jay Lyze

    Lol. Seriously, Zac Efron? Ahaa :D

  • Anonymous

    Only Zac Efron is way more sexy and cute then Harry Styles!

  • Live.Love.Learn.


  • jennifer

    Lolololololol no. Harry has way more talent then Zac will ever have.

  • SillyAnnJoker

    Did Zac change his name to Harry Styles? ‘Cause the headline says Zac, yet the video is Harry… Get your shit together OU and check before you post something.

  • Me-Me

    SillyAnnJoker is right: the headline says it’s Zac but it’s not…
    OU, you should def watch the video before u post them!

  • bieberarmy

    i know right. ultra maga fail OU -_-

  • BrokenArrow


  • IbeKpoppin4realz

    And suddenly I’m attracted to Zac Efron.

  • Anonymous

    so cool that this interview is going around the world now! an interview from a little kiwi radio station! like our accents ? :P

  • Anonymous

    what the hell oceanup
    it clearly says “HARRY STYLES” not zac efron
    how the eff do you get those two mixed up

  • Grace

    Omg, why does the thing say Zac Efron but the video is Harry Styles ….. like really? NOT COOL !!!!!