Ashley Tisdale Hair Salon & Shopping Day


Photos: FameFlynet. She has the easiest life of anyone ever.

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    Ashley’s been working non-stop since she was a young girl. If she wants to slow down a bit at 27, then who are we to judge? She probably has lots going on though. It just seems like OU only shows her shopping and going to the salon.

  • EarthChild

    I like her dress

    I’m so bored and oceanup is dead tonight wah

  • Anonymous

    I sincerely hope the title pic is her before the salon. Otherwise . . . echhhh. LOL, easiest life. You’ve got to be sarcastic. . .

  • Anonymous

    She looks so nice so pretty

  • Anonymous

    I want her life and her money. I’d do lots of sleeping and lying by the pool.

  • abby12345

    I feel like she REALLY does have an easy life. I get that she’s got her production company but it seems like she NEVER works.

  • forever.elise

    all she does is go to the salon!