Zac Efron @ Paris Hiton’s Birthday Party



  • Anonymous

    How old are you guys? If you look at the larger posts of these pictures you’d see it’s a cigerette behind his ear, NOT a joint.
    At the same time you would also see his pupils are dialated, while having a flash go off in his face, so he could have been high on something.
    HOWEVER there is no ACTUAL photo with Zac in posession of or doing anything illeagl.

  • barbiescunt


  • mirandagirl

    Looking good Zac.

    Dear oceanup, these pictures are 2 weeks old.

  • Anonymous

    The B-day party was on Feb 16th, but those pix just came out in US Weekly today.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing like watching Zac and at his friends smoking weed. Zac even has a joint in his hat above his ear. He must have a medical marijuana card too. I wonder what his problem, oh yeah, “bad acting and singing”.

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s pretty well known that Paris is into drugs. She’s been arrested for cocaine and marijuana possession. With her money, she gets the best. Pretty sure that’s why Zac and a lot of other celebrities hang with her.

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  • iRochella

    Aaah Afrojack our dutchie with zac efron

  • Anonymous

    definitely should have smoked that bone before taking the picture

  • Anonymous

    & Ain’t he looking hot.. I love you, Zac!