Taylor Swift Harper’s Bazaar Australia


  • l?veislouder

    I finally like her straight hair because of this. she is absolutely beautiful in this spread. she looks like a typical model though, not a celebrity, because her curly hair really gave her personality in photo shoots. I like both though, I guess. I’m still just not used to lack of volume in her hair.

  • elizagutierrez

    she is soooo pretty!! i like her hair straight! she looks better like that!

    Too bad Joe, she is not into you anymore!

  • Lalala

    I love taylor swift. I can’t wait for her new album. That’s right, joe lose Taylor and Demi. He’s totally a player. But I hope he will get a girl, that makes him happy.

    But Taylor and demi deserve better!

  • Keith Irvine

    Love her dressing style!! she just rocks

  • Anonymous

    taylor is like the only hit teen celeb that has stayed fully relevant for years has never flopped (miley flopped in us with cant be tamed) props to her

  • Mous

    I don’t like Taylors pose in the last picture, it looks…off. The photo is where she’s wearing a jacket. Why are irelevant names brought up in this post?

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s beautiful! I’ve always liked her curly hair but she looks beautiful here! I LOVE HER!

  • Anonymous

    I love taylors new hair! i think it makes her look older which is good cause shes not a child anymore .. she looks so good in the last picture! if she wasnt a singer she would’ve been a great model .. not her style though! lol
    love u tay tay

  • BrokenArrow

    She’s gorgeous!