One Direction NEW MUSIC LIVE

  • :D

    WOW. They haven’t even done much promoting in Canada and it’s already crazy (:
    Love these guys.
    Dont live it Toronto though :( I hope they do a damn tour around Canada so I can see them.. (:
    Byeee xx

  • back2december

    I was there. I stood in the freezing cold Toronto streets for 9 hours only to get trampled, stepped on, hair pulled etc. Also, I only got like one glimpse of the boys because I was near the stage outside and people pushed me aside and I was too short to see anything :( I’ve never seen girls so crazy before. It was fun though I guess. I’m still a little deaf from all the screaming

  • Anonymous

    Ok I have been to the MMVA’s twice, been to Much Music every time the Jonas Brothers are there, including the first time which had about the same number of people, if not more, though it was a live at much and the summer so we didn’t have wait in the cold, but this is the worst set up that I have ever seen them do. I LOVE much music, don’t get me wrong, but this was very poorly planned out. They made it so that the fans were physically closer to the guys, but they were so close that they guys had to run away before getting attacked. I was going to go to this, but couldn’t and when I saw how it all worked out I was so grateful that I just stayed home. I would have LOVED to have supported the guys, but I would have be extremely disappointed… unless i was one of the girl behind the coach. Sorry Much Music I love you, but recently I have noticed that the thought behind your set ups have been creating a disconnect between artist and fans. That was one thing that was always so special about you.

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    I understand they’re excited, but I wish they would’ve stfu during the interview. You can’t hear a thing. Ughh

  • I.Fuckin.Love.Zayn.Malik.<3

    Does anyBody Know Why They Took The Girl At The end it wasa security guard that took her behind one direction for part 2?I wonder?O.o if anybody knows HMU! :D Oh And LOL At the girl Touching Harrys Hair lol! HORAN THE WORLD CURLS!And Omg ZAYN LOOKED SO SEXYYYYYYYYYYYY ;DDDDDDD

  • yeahitsernesto

    i think its cool how they have synergy together :) and i wonder how niall would look with dark hair hmmmm


  • Anonymous

    I couldnt get through two minutes of the first video because of all of the screaming :|

  • Anonymous

    For everyone who’s reading this.

    A family member of Zayn just passed away and he’s flying back to the UK to his family. He won’t be performing at some of the US shows. Please show him your respect and pray for him <3

    If you don’t believe me look on Harry’s twitter for the message.

  • Anonymous

    damn that screaming is annoying. i dont know how they put up with it

  • 1Derful

    i was there!!i couldn’t see a thing though lol
    love these boys to death <3