When it comes to being honest with your lyrics, you’ve had some high-profile relationships. Does that affect your songwriting at all?

Yeah, sometimes it’s interesting. You know, I don’t like to say names of who I write songs about just so that way the audience can relate. Though, that said, it’s interesting to hear what other people may think. You know, sometimes they’re totally off. They go, “Is this about this person?” and they try to juggle which song is about whom. But as for me, it’s really satisfying when somebody goes, “I’ve been through that situation. I know where you were when you wrote that song.”

So you leave things anonymous for your fans, not for your own personal privacy..?
I mean sometimes I try to keep it quiet for myself too, because I just know that I’m still pretty cool with those I’ve been in relationships with. So if it’s a really mean or upsetting song, I don’t want to make anyone upset.

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    I love Joes voice makes me melt. I love everything about him!

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    joes band is a+ and lol tony was starting to play when you look me in the eyes at the end of I’m sorry

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    I love it! and Good answers

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    This is Not the whole story,they should have it all.

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