‘It Will Rain’ by Bruno Mars. YOUNG WILD AND FREE.

  • Nati

    WHAT A DIVA! I love this girl!! my idol
    and haters gonna hate ALWAYS xP

  • Anonymous

    ew, another famewhore. beyond washed up and her singing sounds just horrid.

  • Anonymous

    Bahaha, she’s definitely drunk.

  • Anonymous

    it looks like shes about to make a sextape. xD shes so annoying though.i cant stand her.

  • Anonymous

    and she is 26 so it’s legal
    She is 26?! i thought she was like 20!! haha

  • Anonymous

    it’s her desperate attempt at relevancy

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get this girl. why would she post a video of her when she’s obviously high on something? why would she want that kind of attention? guess she posted it while she was still high.

  • Anonymous

    excuse me anon but I posted the video of her. Not ashley. On my tumblr hellyeahashleytizzy thanks.

  • whosaysurenotperfect

    lol she is drunk
    haha i love her so much
    and she is 26 so it’s legal

  • EarthChild

    She’s definitely drunk lmfao
    but then again I act like that sober too, so…

  • Sabzy

    That was my exact though when I saw this. Ithough t wow she looks pisses then sort of went then again im that crazy when Im not drunk :-) .

  • Anonymous

    she’s annoying. she tries waaay too hard.

  • Anonymous

    The video looks like she’s making a sextape :p

  • Anonymous

    4 some reason, i can’t help but love this girl…must be so much fun hanging with her :)

  • Anonymous

    she’s high as fuck hahahaha hilarious

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Ugh she really annoys me now. Can’t believe I used to like her :L

  • bromance

    Lol omgggg she seems like that annoying drunk girl that nobody invites but somehow still shows up.

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