One Direction TALK JOE JONAS

  • xxxsingxxx

    One direction boys, the Jonas Brothers never “broke up”, but they started recording again together like a week ago. That means there will be an album and a tour soon. I think you and Hollywood Ending should tour with them

  • Kim

    That was my facebook question they answered, but it wasn’t just about Joe Jonas.. it was about All of them!! but Romeo from the radio station said my name, which was pretty cool to hear!)

  • BrokenArrow

    some girl on twitter was telling me on twitter how i dare to call them 1D if zayn it’s not there O_O WTH?

  • taylorsromeo


  • Anonymous

    could you please point the exact time? There’s no freaking way I’m listening to all 15 minutes.

  • liss1


  • Anonymous

    exactly in part two at 2:48 they talk about joe :) and yes niall they will get back soon and this host isnot very good he skiped niall :/

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure Harry was referring to the little Hostess donuts and cupcakes. Loooove those cupcakes. Also, Louis, I’ll take you to In-N-Out.

  • Anonymous

    that would mean that the jonas brothers would have to open up for one direction to be honest. one direction will be way bigger than jb especially by next year.