Pretty Little Liars Cast FAN MEETING


My friends and I met Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell a few times in Brazil this week. It was a little bit hard cause lots of people were trying to met them, but we arrived at the hotel too early on sunday and suddely Shay appeare at the lobby and came to us. She was very nice, She told us about how surprised she was about the brazilian fans, and she took pictures, showed her sunglasses to us Iit was so fashion) and than she stayed a little bit at the hotel bar. Lucy came after, she was SOOOOO NICE, SO BEAUTIFULL, AND COOL. she was wearing a big black hat, and shedidnt stop talking for a second while she was there with us, she made lots of questions about us and our country, took pictures too (one at her cellphone), she stayed with us for 10 minutes I think.

After this we met them again at a typcal brazilian food restaurant, and the securitys didn’t want to allowed the girls to talk with the fans, but lucy opened the car door just to receive my present, and the security was kind of mad this time. She was very nice. Next day we went to a party at Sophie Lounge in são paulo city. Its a nightclub and the girls were there to meet some fans. All the mirrors at the noghtclub was with a message from -A. I t was really cool, but fast. After the party we meet them again and they told us how different Brazil is from LA. Lucy told me that in LA people are used to meet celebrities on streets, and they were very happy about all the presents from brazilian fans. On wednesday my friend Isabela and I went to conference only with journalists and we made some questions for the girls (at the video). It was so cool to met them, I hope we can met them again. They are the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met

  • BrokenArrow

    theres no need to be that perfect

  • Iury

    You can check everythign about the PLL girls in Brazil at! Check it out!

  • TeamStelena

    Shay is so beautiful! :)

  • l?veislouder

    I think Lucy is beyond gorgeous, and her eyes are insane. I want her eyes <3