Tom Parker ‘We Want To Push Our Music’


The Wanted Tom Parker told NOW: ‘One Direction will build up a big teen market. But we want to push our music, not our faces. They’ll kill that that teen market. I don’t really see my face on the front of a teen magazine, if I’m totally honest. I’ve got a beard and I’ll probably have a beer in my hands. It’s not really a good look for a teen magazine.’

  • Anonymous

    the thing is, those cheesy teen magazines only include pictures from cheesy photo shoots.

    from what it seems, it’s One Direction’s American management that is trying to push the prepubescent image on them. I love the guys & how they have great success, but I really hope they don’t continue down that line. Being 19 and not really into boy bands or pop music in general, their “non-innocent” is what has kept me a fan.

  • Anonymous

    one direction show their pretty faces and the wanted guys show their bodys, is the same thing to me . Both bands are really good but for diferent kind of people or ages maybe.

  • Anonymous

    I love how real The Wanted are. Their music is not only amazing, but the band is themselves. They are not going to change for anyone. They love drinking and partying and know that they don’t need a clean cut image to make it in the music industry because all fans SHOULD care about is the MUSIC. But I will admit, Max George from The Wanted is so hot! lol
    I’m so proud of The Wanted and glad they are getting big in America and of course the UK without the assistance of X Factor.

  • Ano

    haha no. None of them are gay. 3 of them have girlfriends.

  • Anonymous

    Is this guy gay?

  • l?veislouder

    I’ll probably have a beer in my hands. It’s not really a good look for a teen magazine.

    this. this is pretty important to keep in mind, especially for One Direction and their team. if the guys wanna continue being themselves (which I hope they do), with their talk of willies and sex, a pre-pubescent audience is not the best place to go.

  • Anonymous

    He just basically quoted what i was thinking all along when he said “they want to push their music, not their faces”. Because no offence One Direction fans, we basically know why the girls love them soo much, and its not based on just their music!! If 1D werent so good looking, the question would be, would they still have as many fans admiring them for just their music? I love both boy bands, but i have to admit, The Wanted music is more catchy and i tend to like them a little more than 1D.. But its not a competition for me, they both will make it quite far!!

  • Anonymous

    I see One Direction like Boy Zone or West Life. They will be huge over seas but will never really make a dent in America, it just isn’t going to happen. Same with JLS. Sorry its true.