The Pretty Reckless NEW SONGS

Cold Blooded & Hit Me Like A Man. On iTunes HERE!

  • Its.Miley


    she has 3 new songs
    Hit Me Like A Man
    Under The Water
    and Coldblooded

    BUY IT, i already did and its amazing!!!

    #HitMeLikeAManEP !

  • BrokenArrow


  • Anonymous

    Their songs, Miss Nothing and Just Tonight are rock/pop.

  • entertainmentlove
  • Anonymous

    Yesss. They’re all good. It’s more rock than her last album.
    Can’t wait for her new album. Hopefully theres some songs with a rock/pop sound on her next album.

  • Anonymous

    I love how her music so unlike anyone elses in today’s society. She keeps it sexy and classic

  • Anonymous

    rock/pop isnt really taylor or her band

  • Anonymous

    LOVE these new songs!! Amazing! Under The Water is beautiful as well!