• Anonymous

    You’d have to have microscope to see her nipples in this pic. Obviously you must have one and you must do weird things with it.

  • Anonymous

    Does she have a penis?

  • threelittlebirds

    Anonymous said:
    miley learn to wear a bra, we don’t want to see your nipples eww digusting selena is so much classier
    It’s kinda hard for Selena to be classier when she doesn’t wear a bra either. And I guess if you call getting groped by your boyfriend in public classy then you have issues.

  • neelie

    Miley is the opposite of buxom. She’s pretty thin actually.

  • Anonymous

    “Selena could so tell they were crushing,so she broke that up in a heart beat.” My 2008 nelena vs. niley fanfics >>>>>

  • StoryOfUs

    looking great.

  • Anonymous

    I love the way Miley dresses and that she dresses for herself and not please other people.
    But she looks so slim, especially her legs!

  • Anonymous

    No proof that Miley has given up. Plus, I’m pretty sure I remember her saying she was doing something. She will probably get a shitstorm of publicity for her two movies coming out. Breasts on girls will change because of hormones, or diet or even just a little weight gain/loss.

    Miley honestly doesn’t have to care how she looks for the public. She knows she can still ride on her fame from before and doesn’t have to try so hard. But she won’t be able to do that for long. It’s been a little while since the world revolved around Mile.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Clearly giving up on restarting her career. No longer cares how she looks for the public. Also, I think Selena has perkier and larger headlights. Miley’s are kinda sagging. Ewww.

  • kristin6410

    My looks beautiful and shes getting her old stly back

  • Anonymous

    miley learn to wear a bra, we don’t want to see your nipples eww digusting selena is so much classier

  • Snacks

    My baby!

  • Anonymous

    Cool, she has her own style, I LOVE HERRRRRRRR ,SHE IS SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL ;)

  • Anonymous

    I fucking lover her style!! It’s amazing, I wouldn’t wear it because I’m more grunge (like her old style) but I love that she doesn’t dress like everyone else, she’s different.

  • Ellen

    i love her style here¡

  • Anonamas

    ? ?[buhk-suhm] Show IPA
    (of a woman) full-bosomed.
    (of a woman) healthy, plump, cheerful, and lively.


  • Anonymous

    oh she’s lost a lootttt of weight. but she looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    she looks BEAUTIFULLL i love her style(:

  • Anonymous

    WOOW she looks skinny. She’s beautiful but has lost to much weight, I loved how she looked before, so normal and sexy

  • Anonymous

    now that the real miley in the pix.