One Direction Ryan Seacrest INTERVIEW

Are The Boys of One Direction Single? To the glee of Directioners everywhere Harry informed, “Three of us are single. Liam and Louis have girlfriends, but for the purpose of this interview they don’t!” How Did The Band Come Together? “We were on the show X-Factor [British version]. Simon [Cowell] and Nicole Scherzinger thought it would be better if they put us together in to a band.. and we’ve been together ever since,” explains Liam.

What Was Your Initial Reaction? Niall recalls being “honestly shocked, because a couple of minutes earlier we were leaving the competition as soloists. Then two minutes later we were in a group and still going to go on in the competition.”

How Did You Build Up Your Chemistry? Niall continued, “We all went to Harry’s house and we all spent a week getting to know each other to make sure we were all friends before we were band mates. We were playing soccer all the time and just jamming on the guitar…we all get along really well, and even when we’re not at work we all spend time together and we all live next to each other.”

What Were You Doing Before X-Factor?
Harry shares his story by telling Ryan, “I was just like every other teenager just at school, and had a weekend job in a bakery which was great. I worked for a lot of old ladies which was fun. I was in a band with some friends from school, and I had watched X-Factor religiously when I was younger. It was like a family thing to watch [The X-Factor] with my Mum. We sat there on the finale the year before we were on it and I said ‘I actually want to have a go at it one day.’ Then my Mum actually put the application in and came up to me just a few weeks later and was like ‘you’ve got an X-Factor audition on Sunday’ and I was like ‘What?’”

Has Simon Cowell Given You Any Advice?
“He gave us some of the best advice. He said, ‘You guys should just be the band that you want to be,’ which was great for us, because we all thought that going forward as band we wanted to just be ourselves, and not kind of that manufactured boy band…we wanted our own thing,” said Louis.

On “What Makes You Beautiful”:
Zayn remembers “The minute we did that song…we were like, ‘This is our thing. This is our song. This is our sound.’ We knew straight away, because it was completely different to anything we’ve heard before. We never heard a track like that before on the radio and we were like ‘This is the direction,’ excuse my pun, that we’re going to go in.”

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    we were like ‘This is the direction,’ excuse my pun, that we’re going to go in.”

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