• Anonymous

    She’s beautiful.
    End of story.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to get her ratty hair styled and have someone shape her brows. the hair plus the brows overpower her face. i bet she’s a real plain jane without any paint on her face.

  • Anonymous

    Says she was advised to leave the brows because they were a good feature that made her distinctive and different. Personally I like the eyebrows and much prefer them to skinny lines that people draw and think she is gorgeous. And that’s coming from someone who is just a bit well maybe a lot jealous that she may be dating my Zac!!!

  • Anonymous

    A girl should be “prettier” and polished in a photo shoot. She looks kind of silly. And it’s not just the goofy costume’s they’ve got her in. It’s her mouth hanging open in every shot. Is that her way of trying to look sexy or does she have a breathing problem? Not sexy at all.

  • lovelife

    pluck your eyebrows please

  • forthemoment.

    Why can’t i look like her? :(

  • javi g

    i don’t know why but i like this girl i don’t know if it is because of her dad or because she seems nice but i like her.

  • Anonymous

    I definitely think she’s beautiful in every aspect except for those eyebrows. They are too much. I’m not saying they should be a thin line, but she needs to get them shaped. They are too bushy, and they make her look severely unattractive. Those are man eyebrows. Another year or so, and she’ll have a unibrow.

    One would think that having Phil Collins as her father, she would be able to afford a $10 eyebrow wax

  • Anonymous

    She is beautiful. Many people comment on her eyebrows saying they are too thick. Um, no they aren’t. She is young. They are supposed to be thick. Nobody wants old hag eyebrows that are a thin line. Those are so ugly. The people who are fortunate enough to have thick but clean eyebrows are very lucky.

  • JaneaLynn

    *Girl crush!*

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    She’s beautiful

  • Nony

    Love the photos

  • Anonymous

    my apologies but don’t think this girl is very attractive…just my opinion!!

  • Anonymous

    Who is her stylist? WTF
    That dress…..isn’t Italian….That’s sure….
    By TwoItaliangirls