One Direction The Wanted On Billboard


Simon Cowell told Billbard: ‘I don’t like to say what’s going to happen in a year’s time, because I genuinely don’t know. Nobody sits here with some grotesque master plan. You just go, look after the guys, respect the fans and, most importantly, you’ve got to make fantastic records. Because without that, it doesn’t work. If you start looking at them as objects, it dehumanizes them.’

Another boyband invasion? ‘Inevitably, once you do something and it works, then you have a ton of people jumping on the bandwagon. It’s always happened, and it always will. You’re going to see a pop music boom in America again. I’ve done this long enough that everything in music and entertainment in cyclical. [Even if ] you go back to the Motown days, every time, it always comes back to 12 o’clock. It felt like that time again.’

  • TheSykes

    Ooooh The Wanted cover is soo much hotter!<3

  • Mary

    They look amazing on this cover! One Direction Tickets

  • yriz

    Don’t really like either of them..
    1D is too fake funny (except for you Harry you sexy fucker with your cute smile) and The Wanted is just too ‘Oh I shall put on my serious face and try to look sexy’ so naah, wouldn’t but either of them. I’ll just wait for the HD scans of the article to hit the internet :)

  • sahina91

    ….The Wanted could smile

  • Oh SNAP

    I think we all know which cover’s gonna sell more..

  • Anonymous

    It’s like one direction cover is like funny because their faces, while the wanted cover is like the look sexy and that. Very differents

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    Both of the covers are an eye-sore.

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    I think we all know which cover’s gonna sell more..