Zac Efron Golden Hat Foundation Support


Zac Efron supporting Golden Hat Foundation which was created by

Kate Winslet for Austim Awareness.

  • You Were Thinking It

    Perfection in a fedora :)

  • Anonymous

    His quote is kinda odd “It’s not who we are underneath but what we do that defines us.”

    So does that mean the real person can be hateful, insincere, pompous, arrogant, deceitful, etc., but if he outwardly does good deeds, those good deeds define him?

  • BrokenArrow


  • Anonymous

    ouch last comment

  • mirandagirl

    Aw, Zac is such a sweet guy to do this.

    Also, his little ninja obsession is showing again (;

  • Anonymous

    His eyes omg.