Jennette McCurdy Victoria Justice KCAs


@oceanUP is Tweeting live from the show!


  • Anonymous

    victoria justice looks so cute

  • Anonymous

    the colour of victoria justice’s clothes doesnt fit to the carpet, but they both look good

  • Anonymous

    i mean they= victoria and jennette, not they= victoria and the carpet ^^

  • Anonymous

    Victoria looks amazing!!!!!!!

  • Didi

    So glad Victorious won!!!!!

  • Sparks

    Jennette McCurdy is GORGEOUS!!!

  • BrokenArrow

    she looks so pretty

  • Anonymous

    Jeannette Mccurdy is all sweet and friendly to the little kids if the parents are standing right there too but if not snd she can’t see them right in front of her she will barely even look at the kid! I saw it happen!

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Victoria looks so pretty, but a little thin =/