Justin Bieber, ‘I Shaved My Head’

Do YOU think Justin will look better bald?

  • Anonymous

    This wasn’t even about him shaving his head… he posted it as an April Fools joke after telling his fans he was going to give them a second teaser of his music video for Boyfriend.

  • xAskTaylorx

    April Fools! Right?!?!? It was pretty obvious with the title and the date being April 1st, how convenient. Lol. I mean, who would be stupid enough to believe that Justin Bieber actually shaved his head? Smh to them. xD

  • judithwalton

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  • bella

    you blind ?????

  • Anonymous

    He is ugly either way.

  • Anonymous

    Puh-lease! There is no way this is true. It has to be an April Fool’s joke.

  • Anonymous

    I won’t sleep tonight… Seems VERY legit anyway, lmao.

  • Panda34

    I can clearly tell the evil possessed girl is gonna pop up….

  • EarthChild

    Because I am so eager to click the play button with the exorcist girl on it

  • Anonymous

    Justin’s looking good. That slim really did wonders to his skin!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, sexy. Lookin beautiful there. ;)

  • l?veislouder

    What’s with all the guys saying they shaved their heads? It was only heart-stopping when Zayn said that, not too much when Justin said that.

  • SelenaDuh

    I still clicked it. I still laughed. He still Sexy.