Jesse McCartney Kids’ Choice Awards ’12


+ Cody Simpson!

  • Anonymous


    How I miss beautiful soul.

  • Anonymous

    When is Jesse McCartney more relevant than Cody Simpson? Smh

  • EarthChild

    I miss Jesse McCartney’s relevance.
    Please become relevant again.

  • Anonymous

    maybe if he dumps his cougar girlfriend people will like him more? i mean really, how do you expect to be taken seriously when you don’t make music anymore and you’re dating old hags

  • BrokenArrow

    awwwwwwwwwww i miss him so much :(

  • Anonymous

    i used to be totally in love with him! but then he dropped off the face of the earth and started to date a 100 year old. :/ he looks so old now… but i still miss him and his music…