Justin Gaston NEW ALBUM


You can buy it HERE!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like he got rid of all his tats. Even the one he had for Miley.

  • lorraine

    thank u for posting the news! i love justin gaston forever

  • captivatedbyyoubabylikeafireworkshow

    he was the best thing that ever happened to miley other than HM

  • Nons

    Does he have a third nipple? Maybe his right one is small with a very pale/light areola. Or maybe it’s a mole beside his right nipple (if that is his nipple)I think I see a nipple with a very light areola. Anyways, I’m not sure. But who cares?

  • Kokym

    LOoooooool wtf!? who would buy it lool no body #FAIL

  • SubwayToVenus

    I like him. I’ve always liked him.

  • Anonymous

    didn’t know he had an old one…

  • Anonymous

    The awkward moment when nobody gives a fuck about this guy..

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give him this…When he is with Garret Allen they are very funny. I think the running pic is a play on Bieber and Selena running from the paps and having a wardrobe malfunction. Garret loves Selena. Gaston loves the Beibs. L.O.L.

  • Anonymous

    lol who? That fail of a model that couldn’t get over Miley when she left him for Liam?