Alyson Stoner SUMMER TOUR

  • Sofia

    OMG! I really love Alyson Stoner! Even though she’s accomplish a lot, she never changed. She’s still a sweet down-to-earth person. And she’s contented in what she has. Love you Alyson!

  • Anonymous

    I saw her on the Camp Rock tour. I had sound check passes and she touched my hand. I’ll never forget it because it was such a hot day and we had to wait 3 hours or more for the Jonas Bros to come out and a girl fainted on my leg and then like 5 other people fainted. It was a crazy heat day. And her hand was FREEZING!!

  • Clauber

    I like this gurl so much!

  • Kiki

    Alyson is so beautiful and has such a great personality. Never once let fame change her and never rushed to things! LOVE HER ALWAYS :)

  • Anonymous

    i feel bad for her but she’s so irrelevant… she tries and tries but will never make it big

  • Anonymous

    Love her. She’s beautiful, a great actress, and in this video she’s funny and charismatic.