Justin Bieber arrives at the Beverly Hilton hotel. PacificCoastNews.

  • Anonymous

    I loooooveee the Justin album…he’s sooooo cute. Barf! What a douche. He tries way too hard to look thug and sorry to burst every 12 year old’s wet dream but he’s not God’s gift to music. Every time I see him with his jeans around his knees and those stupid high tops I am amazed that he has fans. I mean, really? Everyone I know thinks he’s a joke, who is buying his music? And better question, why?

  • Anonymous

    He acts like he’s so black, always wearing those stereotype outfits. Boy try dressing better and manly. Like nice shirts like nick j or other nice outfits.

  • Don’tGiveAFuuu

    Yes, OU, we give so much of a fuck about the color of his shirt -__-

  • Anonymous

    lol i love it when he dresses like a lil hipster. um but what happened to “i dont wear a lot of color”?

  • Anonymous

    I love his outfit! At least his shirt matches his shoes! Cant go wrong there!! Hes going to work in the studio, what do you expect him to wear, a suit and tie? Do people really need to bitch about every single thing he wears? Let the poor boy be, he has his own style, and i like that hes a little different!!

  • sofia

    soy sofia y comento porque estoy re locaaa

  • stock market news

    I love the justin album..

  • Anonymous

    Does he think he looks hot or something? He dresses terribly. He looks awful. Ugh. He is so gross and ugly.

  • oceanUP


  • Anonymous

    That stupid little bitch thinks he’s the shit. I wish Selena would dump that douche and get with somebody who actually looks like a man.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, look! He’s discovered clown shoes.