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  • Still Anonymous

    Lol… Or maybe she just stopped hanging out with her cousins for a little bit? All of the girls she made video’s with before were relatives… don’t worry, you can’t really get them to go away lol. This girl is her classmate, and she’s BEEN really close to her for a really long time now, even when she made video’s with other people. (You’d know this if you followed her on twitter) Noah and her are classmates, and it’s not wrong to make friends.

    Although, I would have to say, I would assume it’s people using NOAH, and not the other way around. You act like any of the people Noah has made video’s with were more famous than her. In a place like Hollywood, you just have to be happy that Noah even has one good friend…

  • taylorsromeo

    how old is she?

  • Anonymous

    I feel like Noah only uses people as her friends, what about that little girl who also was on the hannah montana movie? everytime she switches from best friends she makes new videos or find new ways to whore herself and her friends out

  • Anonymous

    That’s girl is her cousin calm down

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    What even…

  • A

    what is just wrong with this kid…

  • Anonymous

    She Got Like 1 New Friend Everyday -.-
    Kids This Days

  • Anonymous

    The horse is getting a reality show? WTF?