Wasting away to nothing..

  • Anonymous

    the other girl is way prettier

  • Anonymous

    miley has always been skinny!!! dear lord, selena is probably smaller then her

  • Anonymous

    miley is a total idiot. she doesn’t eat gluten but she smokes cigarettes

  • hmsuri

    well she is not TOO SKINNY, and btw she doesnt look like “sick” cuz of her weight ! so she is not in danger

  • Anonymous

    Seriously OU, stop being so rude.
    And Miley is not too skinny, she’s just skinny and she looks fab!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get why everyone is saying she’s so skinny now.. Miley has always been skinny she is not an unhealthy weight , she looks healthy.

  • dkja;fjsla;

    inhumancreation said:
    OceanUp, quit being so fucking pathetic for once.

    They’re always pathetic.. not much we can do..

  • BrokenArrow

    Leave her alone! -.-

  • BrokenArrow

    Anyway she looks pretty! And she’s smiling againwhen she takes pictures with fans! :)

  • SubwayToVenus

    She looks normal.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, look at all the Miley fans freaking out. Keep it up, Oceanup. I always love your Miley article commentaries. You’re the only people who don’t go out of their way to kiss Miley’s has-been ass. Also she HAS lost a ton of weight. Guess all those comments got to her after all. Whoops.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you ocean up!!!!!!!
    shes always been thin!!!!!!! shes not fucking wasting away

    i never talk back to people but legit im sick of your shit

  • Anonymous

    Miley Cyrus is losing weight for attention! cuz she is an attention whore!

    she has seen how Demi’s disorder has made her break away from disney and seen in a different light, and she obv wants this too, by going to an extreme of causing herself to become skinny so then she will be like wow guys i have anorexia i got over this and went to rehab, oh and heres my new album!

  • threelittlebirds

    Wasting away to nothing..

    yea, she’s just skin and bones. smh.

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup! What you’re doing is a form of bullying. Stop being so rude all the time. This website actually used to have some dignity back in the day and blog about celebrities in a nicer way. There was still sarcasm, but not to this extent. Please stop with the negative, snide comments. It’s gotten so old and it’s really irritating.

  • miley cyrus luv


  • Still Anonymous

    Miley now, reminds me of Miley during Rock N Rio… Her body has always been so toned!! <3

    I’m hitting the gym as soon as school is out. It feels good when you’re in shape tbh. There’s nothing wrong with it.

  • Anonymous

    Just keep on bringing us these dumb titles OU. NO really, we just enjoy them so damn much.

  • bleach

    ok OU i dont like miley but these comments are getting annoying. try commenting about something else other then her body please… just for once.

  • Chelsie

    YOU’RE who makes her skinny you jackasses. Stop calling her out on it and maybe she won’t have to worry about it so much? Jesus fucking Christ.

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup your so stupid to talk about her weight like that it is so rude!!!!! Stop please!!

  • barbiescunt

    How about you btfo of her weight OU and worry about your own?

  • Anonymous

    Miley broke away from Disney long before fat big teeth Demi did

  • Robbie

    It’s so funny how fucking jealous OceanUP is of Miley… I’m just ignoring it from no on.

    They’re unknown people who would NEVER say this shit to Miley’s face. They’re bored and don’t even make money off this shitty website, so they can say whatever they feel they want.

    The things they say are just a reflection off of their own insecure personality. If they were so tough and out-spoken, they’d show their fat fucking face to the world and explain what it is about Miley that they find so intruiging…

  • Anonymous

    EarthChild said:
    Anyway, does anyone know what iPhone app Miley has been using to put the frame and text on her twitpics? I haven’t seen an app like that. I know it isn’t instagram because all instagram pictures are square and there’s no text option.

    idk it it’s available for iphones, but for android theres pxlr-o-matic & vignette demo.

  • Anonymous

    Really oceanup please stop commenting on her size! Maybe if people would stop paying attention to her size she would quit losing weight…plus its just getting old.

  • mileyishbic

    wasting away to nothing?
    I think not..she looks fine, OU. Stop making a big deal out of nothing.

  • Still Anonymous

    *Ignores OU*

    Love the phone case that, that girl gave Miley!

    And I didn’t know Miley knew Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris personally. She tweeted Miley “Glad to here you’re feeling better pooh!”

    So Cute :)

  • Dev

    you can buy her case at

    miley bought all of them!

  • EarthChild

    Wasting away to nothing..

    I don’t care who you’re talking about, that’s kind of rude. It would be different if you were legitimately concerned, but you aren’t.

    Anyway, I’m getting one of the phone cases that girl gave Miley! Probably not the exact one but I loved them. That girl’s mom is super talented!

  • EarthChild

    Anyway, does anyone know what iPhone app Miley has been using to put the frame and text on her twitpics? I haven’t seen an app like that. I know it isn’t instagram because all instagram pictures are square and there’s no text option.

  • inhumancreation

    OceanUp, quit being so fucking pathetic for once.

  • Anonymous

    OceanUp you’re crossing the line, stop making miley feel bad, you’re so ignorant

  • Anonymous

    That commentary is disgusting.
    That’s not something to make fun of…

  • Anonymous

    it seems like they shooted this pic in restroom.
    Miley looks so gorgeous.i love her more without wearing these ozzy sunglasses

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup should just fuck up they are embarassing themselves with their posts about miley. She stopped and took a picture with a fan and they made it about her weight.

    Besides Miley looks incredible and toned so for once stop being jealous

  • Anonymous

    Wow her face… looks… really different… I’m surprised all these comments are about how great she looks… Theres nothing wrong with working out but she looks wayyy too skinny…

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  • m

    She does look awfully skinny….

  • Anonymous