The Wanted PUNK’D

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Lmaooooo legit laughed at this one! Aweeee at Tom almost crying!

  • nownlaterz

    LMAOOOO, that’s hilarious. One of them was about to cry xD

  • YeplovinTW

    Awww bless all the wanted! & Feistynathan :P & poor tom about to cry :( love them!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE THEM!!!! <3

  • Awesomegerf

    Lmfao I saw tht on MTV

  • Malak(:

    I Want to be that wall when i grow up :)

  • @yaaammii

    haha tom was about to cry!! Am I the only one who wanted to be there to hold them? lol.