Ali & Lindsay Lohan BEAUTIFUL Sisters


Ali & Lindsay out for lunch at Joan’s On Third in West Hollywood on April 24. Lindsay is currently set to star in a biopic of the late legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Anonymous

    i like Ali better. she seems like a nicer person. she is also pretty, just different than Lindsay. Ali can take really bad pictures, but so can Lindsay and other celebrities too and i don’t like that Lindsay sometimes is rude and nasty to people.

  • ilovezayn

    i love zayn. irrelevant? yes. am i sorry? no.

  • exoticmist

    I’m hoping for a Lindsay comeback! :D

  • Anonymous

    ali looks better than on other pics i’ve seen on here. healthier.

  • Anonymous

    i dont love linsey ‘s sister hair
    it looks like a wig
    but hers its pretty

  • Anonymous

    I want a Lindsay comeback :)
    By: LLL’s positive baby

  • Thủ Thuật Vui
  • classicalmusicplayer

    SOOOOO glad that Lindsay hair is back to red. I smell a comeback…

  • Anonymous

    they are walking gonorrhea

  • Vbb

    Legs! GOD! WHY!? Being 4’11 really sucks.

  • Anonymous

    this is old, from weeks back. Lindsay went to a Star party last night and Ali was seen out at work in a nice white dress yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    I hate that family of hers idk maybe it’s just me but they only seem to use her but were never by her side at least not the way they should when she needs them to

  • Anonymous

    who are you talking about? Lindsay or Ali? This is Ali’s thread so “her” should mean Ali. Ali certainly doesn’t use Lindsay, she’s sacrificed for Lindsay, standing by her throughout her troubles in jail and rehaby.

  • Anonymous

    A good comparison-and-contrast essay includes
    a) obvious and not-so-obvious points of comparison.
    b) only the not-so-obvious points of comparison.
    c) only the obvious points of comparison.

    Question 9 of 10

  • EarthChild

    Ali has had plastic surgery I really don’t see why she denies it her facial features look different.

  • sexonfire11

    i don’t like her sister Lindsay is prettier

  • SubwayToVenus

    They used to be beautiful. Lindsay used to be the most beautiful young girl. They are no longer attractive.