Demi Lovato Crying + Dinner In Paraguay


Thx Maria for pix of Demi crying during How To Love in Paraguay!

Argentina dinner pix HERE! A girl pulled out Demi’s hair! @Itsabrandnewday:

I can not believe I have Demi Lovato’s hair is perfect fdfcfdldf am in shock

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck would she still appreciate you if you pulled her fucking hair out?! Thats so rude and disrespectful! How would you feel is someone pulled your fucking hair out?! Freaks.

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me?? Why the f*** would you pull someones hair?? ESP while claiming you’re a fan!

  • Clauber

    MAKEUP! (: She looks beautiful

  • Rebecca

    Demi is gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous as always and the cuteness of that picture in dinner :)

  • Pones

    She looks happier than ever =) But she faked happiness for so long that now I’m not sure

  • Who’s Niall

    Demis Hater !!! Please don’t come here !!! If u don’t like her please go to hell !!

  • SoRawSUgAr

    I adore her clothing at the moment, as long as she dresses nicer on the carpet, I will have no problems; she needs to stop pushing out her boobs on the carpet, and having so much cleavage showing, she should go with more flowy dresses, she’d look like a dream <3

  • Anonymous

    <3 her :)

  • heckyeahjobros

    I’m pretty sure is not her hair, it might be her extensions or something.

  • Anonymous

    My country – i love her <33
    By: LLL’s baby