Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    They did really well at the Grove! Chasing the Sun performance was flawless <3

  • @yaaammii

    I’m completely proud of them! I’m in love with their music, hope they come to Argentina and I hope that Oceanup keeps posting the wanted stuff!

  • Jewel Jubic

    Love them and their music!! Just a pleasure to watch them perform!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The Wanted are amazing! And nathan is sooo fine! So proud of them :)OCEANUP SHOULD POST MORE OF THEM ON HERE!

  • Anonymous

    fucking douche bags! i still cant believe they had the nerve to go after chrstina and britney; well tom and max anyway. Tom is the ugliest one and max is a tool. “christina isnt anything special” really. THEY ARE FUCKING DONE

  • Anonymous

    boybands should be so over but somehow they are not xD

  • Anonymous

    JEEZ! THESE GUYS ARE HAAWT! I’m so happy that you post TheWanted stuff… Nath looks fucking gorgeous! <3
    Hopefully soon they’ll have their categorie in ur website so I can just click on “The Wanted” and see all the news about my babes on my favorite gossip website :) <3