• Anonymous

    There was a girl named Claudia whose known as the infamous gorgeousselena on the teen gossip site oceanup. She was fapping off to her brand new Selena Gomez cutout that she made all by herself. She was all alone at home at midnight and decided that she wanted to make some popcorn to watch Monte Carlo with her new cutout. Claudia went into the kitchen and struggled making her microwavable popcorn because she didn’t know how to do it properly. She went to her basement and looked up on her mom’s computer on how to make popcorn with a microwave. After an hour, she finally figured it out, walked out the basement and then saw the mirror on the wall and noticed a note written on the mirror. It said: “I’ve watched you like I’m looking at the sky like A Year Without Rain baby >:]” . Claudia figured that it was her weird mind playing tricks on her. So she went into the kitchen and forgot about the popcorn and pulled out a jar of pickles out of the fridge. She went into the living room and noticed that the tv was on and it was playing Monte Carlo which was odd because she’s all alone at home. She took out the dvd and written on it was a note that said: “I am watching you go Round and Round >:]”. She wasnt really that scared but she thought maybe Selena Gomez has found her and is pranking her and she’s on the Disney Channel show Prankstars! She was a lil happy about it so she went downstairs to her basement to go on oceanup on her mom’s computer to praise her idol Selena Gomez. As she was typing her ridiculous comments on oceanup that gloomy night, it was raining extremely hard like cats & dogs and then the power went out. There was a flash of lightning and she saw a shadow and saw something out the window. She ran upstairs and back into the kitchen and grabbed a banana as her weapon. She looked at the fridge and there were pictures of her on the computer, looking at the note in the mirror, and watching the TV playing Monte Carlo. She screamed and grabbed another banana and skipped to the front door, she opened it, dropped her banana and screamed and fell to the ground slipping on her banana. It was her Selena Gomez cutout, holding a churro which looked like a wand. As she opened her eyes from being unconsious for 2 minutes she looked up at the ceiling and saw the real Selena Gomez on the ceiling like she was Spiderman. Selena said: “Hi Claudia have you been wanting to meet me” and made an evil smile. The next morning Claudia’s mom came home and found fingers in a blood filled pickle jar inside the microwave, the jar was labeled gorgeousselena. What happened to Claudia? It turns out her body was chopped into a million pieces and the pieces were liquefied and put inside a perfume bottle which Selena Gomez will sell into a certain store. Now that you’ve read the whole story be sure to copy and paste this into any other oceanup post or you will end up with that perfume and smelling like Claudia or someone may buy it and might spray it on you!

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    It’s blurry yet you can still see his handsome face. I love you baby love! <3

  • Lama

    I did this at a Tool concert at the Verizon and we had a liberty activist with tickets at to the show do that.

  • jay

    i dont see sarah the stalker!! :OO
    and who is bella throne kissing ??

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  • Taylor

    am I dreaming?? stalker sarah isn’t in this post?? aaaaaaaaaaaleluya

  • lauragxo

    if im right that’s jimmy bennett and he indeed is bella’s boyfriend

  • Anonymous

    Ugh it’s blurry but still, he look beautiful