Bodyguards To Steer 1D Away From Girls


One Direction’s boy-next-door image is being carefully protected, reports HEAT. While all the boys are permitted to have girlfriends, record company bosses want the boys to appear ‘clean-cut': The US music execs are keen to protect the band’s clean-cut image and they have bodyguards tail the boys to steer them..

..away from women. Some of the boys were underage when the band started and were strictly banned from boozing. The boys are [also] on healthy [eating] regimes, they all want to keep their washboard stomachs.’

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  • Anonymous

    US music execs are keen to protect the boy’s clean-cut images and they have bodyguards tail the boys to steer them into the US music execs bedrooms for some hot gay loving!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    RTRTRT hahahahaha let them do what they want, except harry, I’ll keep him to myself ;)

  • Anonymous

    BORING. Just let them be themselves. We love them that way.

  • Jeremiah Dedinas

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  • Anonymous

    This is complete rubbish. Like someone must have made this up. They’re not “clean-cut” they talk about sex, and drinking ALL THE TIME. They make sexual jokes, they themselves have recently said that they don’t have the best diets and pretty much eat whatever they want. I’m sure it’s relatively healthy most of the time but they’re boys, they pig out, let’s be serious. They’re obviously not doing a very good job of keeping them away from women considering a giant majority of their fans are female and Zayn still goes on dates, Harry does as well.

    This whole article or whatever, rubbish.

  • Susanne

    Fuck off Managment! Why can’t they just let the boys be themselves and have fun? They won’t be enjoying this if they can’t do as they want. And the fans want to see the real them, not the guys management wants them to be.

  • Anonymous

    I hate their bodyguards!! Also, these boys are going to crack and rebel! Zayn already did by coming out and saying he has a girlfriend. Washboard stomachs?!!! Let these boys eat!! Niall loves to eat!!!

  • Anonymous

    this kind of makes them even hotter for me

  • Anonymous

    guys are guys no one is gonna stop them anyway
    from doing what they want…….except their
    Mom’s lol sorry Harry your Mom made me write
    that lol lol

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