Selena Gomez on her cameo Eli Roth’s next movie ‘Aftershock': ‘I was in Chile doing a concert, and he was shooting a movie called ‘Aftershock’ and he asked if I wanted to make a cameo. And I did! It’s actually a very funny scene with him and I improving. And it’s cute. Well, I mean, the movie’s not cute.

It’s actually scary, but the scene was cute. And so we kind of became friends and hopefully we’ll be able to work together again. [He’s] very smart.‘ The film will premiere sometime in 2013.

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    Way to go, Sel. Make the story all about you! The fact that Chileans suffered during that earthquake is trivial. As long as you had your “cute” scene and you’re kissing Eli Roth for future movies, now that’s important.

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    Way to go, Sel. Make the story all about you! The fact that Chileans suffered during that earthquake is trivial. As long as you had your “cute” scene and you’re kissing Eli Roth for future movies, now that’s important.
    She is honest, that’s it, what is she supposed to say? she said it’s cute cuz she thought it’s cute. Grandma, don’t take it serious. Or your just hater and desperately want to criticize her, good try.

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    im so proud of her! cant wait for all her upcoming projects<3

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