Demi Lovato Monterrey Mexico Meeting


  • @demimeuglitter

    The interview is funny because it was made for a program of Brazilian humor (legendario) demi was sad in the end because the respondents said they would give her more Brigadiero had not.

  • @demimeuglitter

    Essa entrevista foi feita no brasil !

  • Sparks

    that interview was so awkward…

  • Anonymous

    That girl has gorgeous hair omg if only mine were that long…

  • Nons

    “that interview was so awkward…”
    Hahah, mte. But the interviewer was cute though.

  • SkytrainToMars

    SubwayTOVenus is SLUT ……. n Stupid HOE

  • Anonymous

    i love the girl’s hair!!

  • Miley_Jonas

    That lil girl needs to cut her hair:P.

  • N

    Why does she need a haircut? I wish mine was that long, it’s beautiful! :)

  • Anonymous