Jamie Lynn Spears FAMILY OUTING


Jamie Lynn Spears, her daughter Maddie Aldridge and mother Lynne Spears out shopping and getting some ice cream in West Hollywood, California on May 6. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Anonymous

    d’aww, baby’s all grown up

  • taylorsromeo

    here for brit tbh

  • Anonymous

    she’s so beautiful!!

  • Anonymous

    she’s so beautiful!!

  • Anonymous

    she looks so much like Britney! (that’s a good thing, i mean both are beautiful!)
    her daughter is just SO CUTE! she seels to be a great mom :)

  • Anonymous

    seems to be *
    sorry for the double post :/

  • AcidPinkLemonade

    Who is the other little girl, the one in the stroller?

  • Anonymous

    EARTHChILD is so ugly and fucking annoying, she thinks she is the shit ,and tries to sound educated ,but she’s not.

  • Anonymous

    back then when she was pregnant i was like omg plz dont go down that way. but she turned out to handle it just great. she grew up so fast and acts responsible. i’m impressed

  • OM

    OMG 5th picture, the man starin at her looks like a psycho. lol

  • Anonymous

    Is the baby Sophia Spears? Bryan’s daughter? Her and Maddie are such little cuties :)

  • EarthChild

    Maddie is so cute! Jamie has done a really good job of keeping her out of the spotlight and letting her have a normal childhood. She seems like a really good mom. When she tweeted that she found the Zoey 101 key necklace not long ago I was like, girl, you could have become such a hot thing in Hollywood! But Maddie really seems like her whole world, so I don’t think she would change it now for anything. Though I’m sure she wishes she wouldn’t have gone through a teen pregnancy.


    awww her dautgther look so cute!^-^
    i miss zoey 101

  • Anonymous

    Really looking a lot like Brit

  • BrokenArrow


  • You’reMyKryptonite

    her daughter is soo cute! dancing around while they walk lol cutee

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    Whose the baby?

  • Anonymous

    i love her so so much!

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