‘Miley Cyrus Is Very Sweet’


Aubrey O’Day told Celebuzz: ‘I love Miley. I think she is so amazing and so talented. I’ve met her on and off with being in the industry and she has been really great. She is so sweet. We are all sweet girls until we have been in it for a long time, and then the industry can be really destructive and toxic. You just have to figure out where you can stand and still maintain a strong sense of self.’

More picture of Miley HERE!

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone still buying that these were from the dog, a jumping castle, or any other B.S. non-intentional cause? Her finger is healing yet the red marks are still there…

  • exoticmist

    I just wish we could go back to 2008. Miley seemed so happy and at peace with herself. I’m not sure if it was because she had good friends then, like Mandy and Justin Gaston.

  • miley101

    she has some issues. hope she gets through them. she has been my idol and always will be
    stay strong gorgeous <3 :)
    you can get through this

  • Anonymous

    funny how this aubrey talks about being in the “industry”……. pleaaaaase who even knows you!?

    regarding miley… i also miss her old times when everything was smiles…

  • Anonymous

    Miley!!!!!!!!!! D:

    I love her so much! if something bad happens to her … I can not even imagine it! :(

  • mileyqueen

    miley has new cuts. it makes me sad to see Miles heartbroken :(

  • bleach

    i really dont get why lol didnt get a premiere but thats ok, more time for miss cyrus to go to pilates xd

    no seriously its pathetic, does she do anything else?

  • BrokenArrow

    When she’s doing movies,music ect. people complain about her now they complain because she’s doing ‘nothing’ and she goes to pilates everyday. It’s annoying specially haters like Claudia who says miley doesnt do anything with her life while the only thing she does is hate :P.

  • OM

    New cuts. DARN.

  • Lila

    everyone claiming those aren’t cuts are either blind or don’t want to admit it. The whole accential jumping castle bruises thing seemed odd, but that’s a month ago and those lines don’t look like healed scars from some jumping castle.
    And before anyone can start the “my beloved miley wouldn’t do this, just leave her alone” bs, I do like miley and I believe she’s a really talented and honest young woman, but real FANS should actually care and hope that she’s alright and those who love her should stop pretending nothings wring since there are photos that prove it’s not, instead her parents and friends should get her some help, two of her close friends, both Demis have had mental issues, this should be a wakeup call…

  • EarthChild

    I think she could have possibly been a past cutter and no one ever picked up on it. Or she could be now. Who knows. Whatever the truth is, if she does cut, I hope she gets the help she needs.

  • Anonymous

    Love her <3

  • BrokenArrow

    i lovee her sweater

  • Anonymous