Cimorelli PAYPHONE Maroon 5 Cover

  • Anonymous

    to the comment above…wow…GROSS..


    GOOD JOB girls!! i think they did an awesome job with the cover! and i loooovvved the extras!

  • G.I CIM


  • Anonymous

    They ruined the song for not saying “shit” and “fucking”

  • Anonymous

    They’re honestly so full of themselves LOL.

  • Joe Jonas

    Oh these hoes? I remember banging all of them one weekend.

  • Anonymous

    I remember when Dani was the shortest.

  • Anonymous

    Daaang! They are soooo tall! So, Amy is 16 and 4’10? Im taller than her and I’m 11 almost 12! omg.. Hah! I’m only… 4’10.5 -___- only by half an inch! HAHAH… fail.