Emma ‘It’s Sad Girls Hide Behind Makeup’


Emma Watson told UK Glamour: ‘I love French pharmacies. I’m obsessed, I could spend hours. They take a very medical, pharmaceutical approach to the face. I love the French, less is more look, there’s something very classy about it. It’s so sad when people hide themselves behind too much make-up.

I love having facials. I think it makes more of a difference to how I feel than a full-body massage does. You feel so fresh and new. And eyedrops.. genius! The anti-redness ones are so good,” she smiled..

This sounds so ridiculous, but if you analyze what I’ve done with my hair over the years, it always matches my moods. Cutting off all my hair was all about getting rid of Harry Potter, and going dark was about mourning the end of Potter. I’m told, ‘Please, please grow your hair, so we can do different roles.’

  • Anonymous

    lolwut? The French? Classy? Um, maybe before, but now the French insists on wearing make up as early as the fifth grade and their make up is dark and heavy.

  • bleach

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my endless love for her really is endless. be more flawless emma, i dare youuuuuuuu

  • BrokenArrow

    She looks flawless without make up

  • Anonymous

    I would lose the makeup too if I had perfect skin. But for now acne wins.

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    I would lose the makeup too if I had perfect skin. But for now acne wins.


  • Mariah

    Anonymous said: I would lose the makeup too if I had perfect skin. But for now acne wins.


    Agreed! I have to hide my acne scars.

  • :))

    Lets see her with a million acne scars and zits and then have her talk about going natural faced! It makes me angery.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I agree ! she looks amazing ! :)

  • Anonymous

    She is quite hypocrite because at events, she cakes her face with make-up.
    She’s high-maintenance and skin-deep but at least she admits it.

  • Judgenot

    …and I hate when girls judge other girls. Seriously, some people are insecure and feel like that have to wear makeup. It’s easy to not wear it when you’ve flawless skin like Emma, but not everyone has that luxury.

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    When has she caked on the make up? Must be nice to be Flawless.

  • Anonamas

    She’s awesome.

  • l?veislouder

    I think she could have done without admitting she chopped her hair off the second she could to “get rid of Harry Potter.” I mean, it’s pretty much the same thing as when she said she cut it because she had to have the same hair style for ten years and she wanted a change, but that sounds so much better than “I wanted to get rid of Harry Potter.”

    Also, she once said that she wasn’t sure she’d do any acting after Harry Potter because she was so tied down and it was gruesome, but that clearly hasn’t happened. I understand changing her mind, but she does that quite a lot. I just hope she doesn’t flip flop and make a huge hypocrite of herself. She’s gorgeous, sweet, and as damn near perfect as anyone can come close to; she should use that for good as much as she can.

  • rainbow3000

    She’s a little snobbish if you asked me.