On Tour With One Direction, Sweden Pix


More pix HERE of 1D at their hotel in Sweden.

Anne Cox told Now: ‘Harry used to be terrified of roller coasters. But he was the man of the house growing up, so he learned to deal with the spiders. ..In Harry’s bedroom there are clothes everywhere, posters from clothes shops, trendy things from catalogues. He has a brown and cream colour scheme but the clothes are everywhere. He’s pretty messy, it’s his worst habit.

Harry used to love M&Ms. They were his favorite. But now he wants to be fit and healthy. When he cooks, he likes to make stir-frys. He also loves Mexican food, to get on the right side of Harry, give him a taco.’

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    I’m so buying this DVD !!!!

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    omo im dying

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    whap up harry im mexican i can give you all the tacos you want