Dylan & Cole Sprouse Picture UPDATE


+ some old Facebook pix added!

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  • Prettylittleliar


  • damselchelle

    “I wipe my own ass”.

  • Anonymous

    LILLA : i dont know if people calling them assholes because they are drinking, smoke &stuff because all young people do these &if there are limits its ok &this doesnt mean they are bad people,as for the behavour i think dylan ended up {the bitch 1} ,cole is nicer but he should interacts more with fans.

  • Ijustneedyounow

    dunno who’s who but the one with the long hair looks pretty stupid js

  • Anonymous

    what make him look stupid dumbass ?just because you dont like him ?

  • iLoveCole<3

    Cole is being himself. Personally, I think he should grow it if he wants to. Why do people make such a big deal about hair? His face and body are still so sexy. Hair shouldn’t be a complete deal breaker. Superficial people.
    I want him <3

  • Anonymous

    the long hair one is cole the others dylan

  • l?veislouder

    I remember Cole’s hair being a lot longer, actually. I think he did get a haircut. He does look really good though, and so does Dylan. I always thought Dylan was the cuter one, despite his baby fat look, but he lost it, and Cole grew into his own. They’re both incredibly good-looking.
    Too bad they’re both assholes too =/

    I should find them in New York anyway. Gotta start frequenting hookah bars near NYU lol

  • Anonymous

    They were Disney’s last hope. When they finished up their show I was finished with Disney channel. I miss these guys. BLAH!

  • Anonymous

    Yeahhhh, Cole does need to cut his hair.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes growing up sucks! They were the very last of my childhood on Disney. They’re so cute. Cole… CUT YOUR HAIR.

  • Anonymous

    They def lose their cuteness more and more as they get older. And Cole needs a haircut ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    i dont care a bout col,es hair ,he is very sexy &in my opinion the better looking twin.