• Anonymous

    Make it so we can post pictures and gifs without just the links showing up.

  • oceanUP

    thank you everyone! :]

  • Anonymous

    Copying oceansshore I see.

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    No to signatures. Yes to emoticons

    & I agree about the icons. 150 x 150 would be great. Anything more than that is just unnecessary & would take up too much space. But most of all, the 50kb limit on icons is soooo annoying. If you could change that to 100kb, I’d love you =)

  • Ijustneedyounow


  • SoRawSUgAr

    Bigger icons for sure & a better commenting system, you can’t reply or anything.

  • classicalmusicplayer

    Also if there was a way to search article by typing in a title or keyword it would be great.

  • Anonymous

    not too big icons, would take too long to load.
    and i’d really like my registration to be accepted..

  • Anonymous

    Better reply system,smilies, bigger icons but no signatures! :)

  • kyansgirl45

    Smileys and maybe an iPhone app? n.n But the smiles that are on deviant art. n.n

    Signatures are extra and messy. :/

  • Lou


  • m

    I don’t think you should allow signatures.
    People will spam pics and stuff on there and it’ll make the page load really slow especially if there’s hundreds of comments.

  • EarthChild

    Signatures are going to be too cluttered

  • Anonymous

    Emoticons but please don’t put like 10. There are so many facial expressions in the world and too many times the expression I need is not in emoticons. Try for 100 emoticons. I think we need them so people aren’t misunderstood, especially for the sarcastic users.

  • Anonymous

    IKR. If you guys want a signature, put a bunch of text in an icon.

  • Anonymous

    no1curr about signatures this isn’t supposed to be a forum but emoticon are alright

    but what happened to the html option! D; that can allow me to show moving gifs and pictures and its new feature and I don’t see it anymore

  • l?veislouder
  • I know an iPhone app is hard to develop, but can we look into that as a long-term goal? That’d be awesome.
  • Also, emoticons sound great, but there should be a variety. If they’re just smiles and frowns, we can handle that with punctuation.
  • Personally, I’m happy with the icon size, but I’m also not too fussy with icons, so I’d suggest a change just for others to be happy and more people to be accommodated.
  • I’ve noticed that when people try to put a heart (like in my username), it comes out as a question mark. Can that be fixed? That’d be lovely.
  • And one last thing: I think it’d be really great if the privledge of posting images (and they appear, instead of their URL) should be granted to users who won’t abuse it instead of anons who post spam, porn, and graphic pictures.
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I vote no

  • Anonymous

    you have to bring smileys here!!!

  • EarthChild

    You should allow bigger icons before signatures or emoticons, in my opinion. 100×100 is hard to find a proper looking picture to fit.

  • Anonymous

    NO SIGNATURES. Those are so fucking annoying. Emoticons are fine though. But I like OU the way it is. The only thing that would make a better change would be bigger icons.

  • memiAndniley

    i want signatures!!! and for my user account i want to be able to have a bigger icon!!!

  • Kels

    I agree with Earthchild.
    100×100 is so…. 2007 lol

  • Anonymous


  • classicalmusicplayer

    iPhone app! Bigger Icon 300×300 would be nice. I better reply system.