Kristen Stewart ‘Wanted’ Topless Scene


Kristen Stewart looked forward to filming the sex scenes in the film version of Jack Kerouac’s 1957 classic ‘On the Road’. On playing a character based on the sexually adventurous first wife of Kerouac’s legendary friend, Neal Cassady, she appears topless while sitting in a car seat between costars Sam Riley and

Garrett Hedlund: ‘I love pushing. I love scaring myself. I’ve always wanted to get as close to an experience as I could. I’m usually self conscious about running around town with my face hanging out. But I got to live more in those four weeks than I ever usually do in my life..

I was almost the same age Luanne was at the time, but I was a much younger 16, so I’m glad I had a chance to age before we started shooting. Her boyfriend Robert Pattinson is also in Cannes. Photos: FameFlynet.

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  • thecat61


  • Anonymous

    She’s so beautiful. No fake orange tan or fake boobs. very little make up. I know she gets hated on for not smiling enuff but I like that she’s not always wearing a big old fake smile all the time like most stars. She keeps it real. I like that about her.

  • Rossi

    Gorgeous Kstew.. so happy and proud for her!

  • Anonymous

    She is awesome and has a really nice ass!! Haters gonna hate cause they are so jealous of her!! And and Rob is one luck guy to have a girl like kristen!!

  • James

    So when does that movie come out? Anybody know?

  • UKnowULuvMe

    LMAO at the random ass shot!

  • Anonymous

    kristen looks stunning

  • EarthChild

    Garrett Hedlund is so attractive

  • SubwayToVenus

    Rob needs to dump her.

  • exoticmist

    Why the close up of her butt? And this picture makes me laugh:

  • Mousketeer7

    I like Kristen’s outfit. Especially the pants.

  • Anonymous

    Ew no boons

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ew no boobs


    Just like slutlena